Casting Call – VO – ACTRA – “Inspire”


Production Type: Voiceover
Submission Due Date: Monday, June 10th (script attached)
Submit Audio recordings to, subject line “INSPIRE VO”
Record Date: June 21st 10am
Record Location: RPM (Bedford, NS)
Union/Non Union: UNION
Rate of Pay: ACTRA NCA, L&R, Article 803 Digital Media Commercials, (a) Commercials Produced for Digital Media, Region 3, 1 Year Use.
Script: INSPIRE – script for casting (click here to view!)

SPECS: We are interested in hearing from both male and female. Age is mid 20s to mid 30s.
TONE/DIRECTION: It’s about attitude, character and authenticity. It’s a voice that sounds strong and confident – like a natural born leader. But not in an over-the-top or bragging way. More like in a “cool as a cucumber” way. Like “I’ve got this” and, even more importantly, “Together, we’ve got this.” The voice must be able to sound like a rally cry – NOT  “yelling” or “commanding”, but should inspire everyone who hears it want to be part of something pretty amazing. The voice should have some character to it – not a mainstream, typical “advertising” voice. Perhaps there’s a little “gravel” to it. Or a hint of cockiness (just a hint).

PLEASE NOTE: There will not be auditions, this is a self tape submission. Please ensure your audio submissions are recorded with high enough quality (computer mic, smartphone voice recorder, etc work great!)