Graeme is RPM’s lead story editor, tech nerd, and the office’s daily lunch envy. He prides himself on having impeccable taste and know-how when it comes to crafting an engrossing tale. Whether it’s behind the camera or in the edit suite, his endgame is always the same: make people feel things. He’s also been diving into the directing world with great success.

Graeme is an active member of the NS film and TV community having worked on many noteworthy projects such as festival favourite documentary “Perfume War”, psychological horror film “The Child Remains”, CBC’s “Land and Sea” and “Canada’s a Drag“, and “Trailer Park Boys“. He has also edited a multitude of music videos including Classified, Gloryhound, Like a Motorcycle, and Christina MartinGraeme’s biggest accomplishments however, are his beard and meeting John Cleese in an Atlantic Superstore.    

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